CPH Luggage Service takes care of luggage hassle so you can get the most out of your stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Customized Luggage Services

Do you want to upgrade your comfort a bit?

Beside our standard porter & luggage services in Copenhagen, we also offer our ‘Copenhagen Customized Luggage Services’. This is a service that will meet most of your needs – and make sure you get the most out of your stay in Copenhagen – leisure or business.

Copenhagen Customized Luggage Services include…

Airport, cruise and hotel services – also outside Copenhagen

Our Copenhagen Customized Luggage Services covers any service related to the airport, cruise port, hotel or private location. We can also arrange porter service outside Copenhagen and Denmark, eg. delivery to Sweden.


Airline Check-in off the airport!

NEW: Try our off-airport airline check-in and bag-drop! This can be at your hotel in the cruise port when you disembark.

We are security approved to bring the check-in counter to your hotel, cruise ship or where you may like it.

The two owners of CPH Airport Luggage & Porter Service

Copenhagen Customized Luggage Services´ four main services


To meet your needs we have developed four main services.
Our MEET AND GREET service, ‘Airline Check-in at your town location’, ‘Departure with Royal Lounge’ and ‘Private jet’ service.

Try CPH Luggage Service 'Meet and Greet' Service for at hasslefree travel


ARRIVAL: Our staff will meet you already at the gate when you exit the flight. This way we will escort you through the airport terminal with passport control and Customs to your next mean of transportation. We can handle your bags, arrange limo etc.

Departure: We escort you from Limo and check-in to gate, including security check and Passport check. We may do check-in on your behalf in advance.

Price for 2 persons between Gate and Limo parking with 2 bags: 250 EURO incl. 25% VAT*

*See add-on to your M&G


Examples of addtional services

As part of our M&G service you can taylor it to your needs, eg:

  • Add time for shopping in Copenhagen Airport with your escort
  • Departure:
    • Private security check-in
    • Private Royal Lounge
    • Limo from lounge to Gate
    • We do check-in on your behalf and hand-over boarding pass to you at airport or eg. at your hotel
  • Arrival:
    • Luggage transport to your final destination
    • Arrange Limo
    • Be aware that in rare cases during Covid 19, there might be covid-19 test at the flight arrival gate. In this case there will be a extra waiting fee of €100. 

Or just ask us for special service.

Check-in at your hotel or cruise shipwith CPH Luggage Service and enjoy a hasslefree travel

Airline Check-in at your location

Copenhagen Luggage Service is the only provider in Denmark to offer off-airport check-in & bag-drop off the airport*.

We are security approved to perform airline check-in and bag-drop at your site or at Limo. The means you do not need to queue in airport for check-in. Later you just walk directly to airport security and your gate or lounge.

We’ll meet with you at your location (eg. hotel or cruise terminal) and hand over boarding card & baggage receipt. We’ll bring your baggage to your airline.

*These airlines accept off-airport check-in, see our partner airlines who offer this service here. We continuously work to increase the list.


Partners with off-airport check-in

SAS Lufthansa
KLM Swiss Airlines
Air France Austrian Airline
Air Greenland Atlantic Airways
DAT Novair
Sunclass Airlines


Our staff at Cph Luggage Service takes care of your luggage so you can enjoy a hasslefree vacation

Departure with full privacy and Royal lounge

You can have a smooth departure with private Royal Lounge and private security check, in combination with a private check-in & dag-drop at your hotel or cruise.

This incl. limo from your lounge to the gate.

Please let’s us assist you all the way with bags, check-in, limo, lounge etc.

Our staff at Cph Luggage Service takes care of your luggage so you can enjoy a hasslefree vacation

Private Jet

If you arrive by private jet we can assist by handling your luggage from the jet to your next site of transport or accommodation.

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